marjolijn oude vrielink

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You can have the art on view in your office or in your own home. Commisioned work is possible.

marjolijn oude vrielink

1980 msc psychology, university of utrecht
1981 art academy of utrecht, monumental art
1982 - 1984 art academy of arnhem,  free art

1987 launched fashion label: modesign
1988 gallery marzee, nijmegen

1991 - 1992 gerrit rietveld academy, amsterdam, drawing and painting

1994 - 2004 private consultancy as art psychologist
2004 - present fulltime visual artist

2005 rotterdam, group exhibition ahoy
2006 den haag, gallery lijn 3
2006 uithoorn, gallery fort aan de drecht
2006 amsterdam, grael gallery
2006 utrecht, desque
2007 delft, world art delft
2011 siena, italy - drawing connections
2012 new york, degrees of abstraction
2012 venice, affinità e contrasti
2012 venice, art expo venezia
2012 start KunstLokaal

sale to private collectors

Marjolijn Oude Vrielink (press release)

Many Eastern religions, such as Taoism or Zen Buddhism, convey the idea that simplicity is fundamental in articulating profound concepts. Likewise Dutch artist Marjolijn Oude Vrielink speaks volumes to us through her elegantly austere drawings and paintings. These are beautiful large scale works that speak in whispers. Oude Vrielink’s work can be divided into two categories: black and white linear figures crafted in charcoal and ink on paper, and enthralling minimalist compositions painted in oil on linen. In these she works with colors or monochrome to achieve a marvelous sense of cleanness and balance. Her figures are extremely tall and thin, created with spidery lines and light washes. Erect and steadfast, the poses and discernible features are limited. Instead dramatic linework records each figure’s formation, indicating that our personas are more fluid than static. Oude Vrielink’s paintings are characterized by the artist’s interest in the inner world of the human being, and inspire quiet introspection through pure color harmonies and elemental geometric configurations.